From Me

Hello, I'm Chris Erickson! Welcome to my new domain. It's not much yet, but I do hope to change that soon.

I'm currently trying to try out a variety of color schemes and pick one I like, so sorry if this is very ugly.

This link to nowhere leads to here.

Ok, time to start writing. This color scheme will have to stay until such time as I've finished a lot more content. Also, I kind of want to add all kinds of other neat things, such as using a markdown engine for the main content of pages, but that too will have to wait until I have enough content to justify it. By that time I'll probably have changed to an entirely new setup, anyway.

So, pages… Well, what should I write about? I could write all about the CDs I own, or the college I attended, or maybe my thoughts on operating systems. I could write about politics, or the conferences I attended this year. I could write about where I've lived and how the weather was. I could write about robots I've seen and robots I'd like to see. All of these, though, would require me to start writing off of the front page, here (because I'd want to write enough on any of them to justify being off of the front page) but then I'll feel the need to add navigation bars and such, and I'll start delaying again. So I should say, now, that there should just not be navigation bars until later! Really, it's true! In place, headers should get you back here, and somehow all pages should be at most two steps from this page. For now. One step, even, until I'm at 10 pages.

Ok, still failing, so now I made a wiki so I should have even less of a barrier to creating content.

I've got a picture!